In this month of March, Olusegun Obasanjo turns 77, Endure Onun turns 22.

Que1: Find the common difference?
Ans: 77-22 = 55.

Que2: What is the LCM (Lowest Closest Multiple) of 55?
Ans: 53.

Que3: What is the significance of 53?
Ans: Nigeria is 53 years old.

Que4: Find the common difference between 55 and 53?
Ans: 55-53 = 2.

Que5: What do the White men say about ‘2’?
Ans: That it takes two (2) to tango.

Que6: Who are these two that need to tango?
Ans: Olusegun Obasanjo and Endure Onun.

Que7: Why?
Ans: Because one is the first democratic president and the other may become the first youth president.

Que8: Then why are they not good friends?
Ans: Because, whereas one is old and his brain has reached menopause, the other’s brain is still fertile and thus ovulating.

Que9: Can you tell Obasanjo to his face that his brain has reached menopause and his ideas outdated?
Ans: Yes.

Que10: Since ‘Yes’, what then is Endure at 22’s advice to Obasanjo at 77?
Ans: Old age is natural, his innovatives are now misleading. He should totally retire from national affairs and allow the young minds run Nigeria afresh.

#Lol! Keep asking, Endure will keep answering.
*HBD To You Baba!
*HBD To You Bobo!

The African Child


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