A Life Without Love

Life without love

Like a razor without blade
The heart so lonely
Like a hook without a crook
My soul meets my spirit
Here am I dying and breathing
I watch the days come and go
As my clock ticks steady
A life of loneliness
With the skies moving farther
As blue as black
No one sees the lonely heart
It can’t speak but to beat faster
Day by day as it grows fonder
Where are the gods of love
The streams are dry we need rain
A downpour of angels
As it were in the days of Romeo
Where he met one in the person of Juliet
The streets are boring
All these girls are so bordering
Only the cash their minds catch
Without money their love mourns
As you weep without compassion
They fallow without pity
What a life without love
Like a love without money
And a money with wallet
Too tall like the walls of Jericho
Are the pains of such a life.

– By Endure Onun

The African Child


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