Yes so many birth day wishes, everybody wants me to be happy today. I say thanks to you all.

In the midst of all the happiness, let me pause and express reality here:

Whereas I am happy as everybody wants me to be, I can’t explain the happiness to anybody because there is no cause to be happy.

• From the Federal to the Local Government level, there is no justice, no fair treatment, no equality, only looting, corruption, misappropriation of funds, false accounts, yet I must be happy just because it’s my date of birth.

• For a week now, Cross River Water Board has seized water supply from the common masses. We trudge many miles to get water. No more bathing twice not to talk of thrice. Yet everyone wants me to be happy.

• PhED that took over PHCN has worsen the matter. Now electricity is by zoning. Today this street and next, the other street. It’s no more power usage bill but estimated bill. If your bill is N7000, whether you have light or not, you must be billed N7000. Even at that, I still have to be happy.

• The death toil in Nigeria has lost figures. The Boko Haram has proven beyond reasonable doubt that they are ‘All The Above’, and their dreams can never be stopped without their will – their will is to keep killing. Nobody can tell us the total number of souls that have perished. Also, nobody can tell us where hope lies to stopping them. However, I still must be happy.

• The eve to this said birthday was bloody. Last Saturday’s melancholy is still a fresh wound on our minds. How that 16 lives of many thousands that went seeking for the Immigration job were lost here in Nigeria and one Mr Moro who by chance is the Minister of Interior has opened his mouth aloud to say that the casualties are to held responsible. Neither Mr President nor any of the governors of the casualties has shown concern. Yet Endure must be happy.

• You and I know that the hope for a better education in Nigeria is per second closer to 6 feet. From the primary to the tertiary, everything is sobbing. To gain admission into any of the universities is a test of life. As costly as presidential campaigns. Every year, thousands of youths are denied education rights by this so called JAMB. One must write not less than 4 examinations before he’d be served an admission letter. Beside this, I’ve to be happy.

• The gap between politicians and the masses is more wider than the veil separating heaven and hell. Even those who went to school with bare feet, now presidents have forgotten what life at the grass root is. Like they said; “The typical Nigerian is a good complainer when he is hungry, but as soon as the pudding sweeps past his tongue, he forgets where he came from.” Our predecessors have laid for us bad foundations to build on. A political party has since 1999 been misleading Nigeria. Now, another one has come with a different name. Its manifesto and acts for this short time are like the other – misleading. Democracy has been given a second definition. Despite this, I am happy because I am having my birth day.

• My fellow youths want to follow the path their fore-fathers and fathers followed. Finish school and return to the village and wait for job. Or if strong enough, get into the street and read vacancy posts. My female youths have made life uncompromising. They all want to end up as good house wives and that’s all. None of them would want to contend the family with her future husband. They’re all praying for good and hard working husbands even if they won’t be hard working. To achieve this, then they must be university graduates and sexy to behold. And when something happens to the husband, to the village they’ll all go.
Whereas this is worth mourning, everyone wants me to be happy.

• My dear friends and well wishers, if I should continue, the lord may come and meet you unprepared but busy reading. Today, I ate red rice prepared with palm oil, maggi, onions, pepper, and salt alone as break fast to mark my birth day. It’s not easy out here. It’d be better I mourn than to be happy for no just cause. Jesus had said; “Blessed are they that mourn, comfort shall find them.”

Once again, thank you all for your wishes. Until we meet again in ‘Jerusalem’ stay cool on issues you have to… But use violence whenever the need arises.

The African Child



  1. happy b’day in arrears dear, whatever happens you should be happy… Let nothing weigh you down. Ehen the mtn rice remain?

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