I’m peacefully lying on my bed,

But I can’t sleep.
I just finished having my bath,
I don’t feel refreshed.
The meal is on the table,
Frankly, I am not hungry.
A glass of 5Alive squatting beside a plate of fried beef,
But I can’t boast of enjoyment.
Oh what a horrible life!

I have read below the lines over and over,
Yet I can’t testify of comprehension.
I sit and stand in the council of elders,
Am still the best of fools ever lived.
They said tomorrow will surely come,
I’m so sure today is the end of my tomorrow.
I’ve been taught many lessons by ways and means,
I can’t remember not even one by and by.
Oh, what a horrible life!

I’m inside the best ever designed linen,
Am still looking very ugly.
Having a live chat with my parents,
Nonetheless, I think I’m an orphan.
The air conditioner has been turned on for some time now,
My temperature is still above 37oC.
I’ve been on medication for 2 months now,
This fever has refused to go.
Oh, what a horrible life!

I’m so confused,
But I don’t want to kiss the dust.
What a horrible life!

The African Child


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